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How We Unlock Value for Brands

There are as many people with health- and diet-related shopping habits in the U.S. (roughly 200 million) as there are licensed automobile drivers. Label Insight helps brands develop an agile, data-driven strategy, and speak to these customers.

Your Challenge: Optimize your brand’s content for e-commerce to get discovered across online retail channels.
Our Solution: Combine consumer search intel with product attribute assessment to amplify sales, only with Label Insight.
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Your Challenge: Target the right segment of shoppers, boost conversion and return on advertising spend.
Our Solution: Advanced, personalized audience based upon rich customer need-state and preference profiles.
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Your Challenge: Improve conversion of retail media with informed keyword purchases.
Our Solution: Boost return on ad spend by optimizing sponsored placement for high intent and conversion.
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Your Challenge: Comply with regulatory requirements like Bioengineering Disclosure without repackaging.
Our Solution: Automatically generated SmartLabel pages.
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Your Challenge: Efficiently provide retailers and syndicators accurate, correctly formatted product data.
Our Solution: A complete, validated product database integrated with top PIM providers to speed your path to shelf.
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Your Challenge: Meet consumer demands and support strategic initiatives for product transparency.
Our Solution: Cost-effective and future-proof, industry-leading SmartLabel solutions.
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Your Challenge: Innovate faster than your competition to drive growth across your product portfolio.
Our Solution: Unmatched depth and breadth of attribute understanding, so you can see more and act faster.
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Your Challenge: Get the right data to the right functions in your organization to drive innovation and growth.
Our Solution: The industry’s leading product metadata seamlessly integrated into your existing data platforms to improve speed to insight
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Your Challenge: Keep ahead of challenger brands and retailer health and wellness requirements.
Our Solution: A full understanding of all new product trends and retailer health and wellness distribution requirements.
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