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Stocking the Digital Shelf: Creating Exceptional Shopper Experiences and Building Shopper Loyalty in the Quickly Evolving World of Grocery E-commerce

In this webinar, you’ll walk away with strategic insights that can be implemented right away to improve the discoverability of your […]

Webinars & Videos

Grocery Shopping Transparency Trends in an Omnichannel World

In this conversation we explore key learnings from the July 2020 “Transparency Trends” research and implications for brands and retailers […]

Webinars & Videos

Charting the Course for Continued Center Store Growth

In this webinar, you’ll receive a full view of which specific growth opportunities you should consider, both as COVID-19 continues […]

Webinars & Videos

Stocking your empty aisles: Shining a light on the plight of online shoppers with health and wellness needs

In this webinar, you’ll uncover the significant opportunity for retailers to improve how they serve online shoppers with various allergies, […]

Webinars & Videos

The New CPG Imperative: Delivering Relevance and Value Through Individualized Experiences

In this webinar, you’ll learn the how winning CPGs and grocery retailers are redefining personalization to deliver individualized experiences to […]

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Transparency Trends: Omnichannel Grocery Shopping from the Consumer Perspective

This comprehensive primary research explores transparency and shopper behavior, diving deep into the buying preferences of omnichannel shoppers.