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Harness Complete Product Data Enabling a Personalized Shopper Journey

Digital Discovery

Find Insights for: For Retailers

Retailers fail to return over 90% of relevant product results for searches and filters.

Digital Discovery empowers you with best-in-class, curated product and attribution data to create personalized omnichannel shopper experiences across all formulated goods spanning grocery, personal care and beauty, pet needs, household products, and more.

Product onboarding is free, fast and easy for brands, granting you access to thousands of products across your assortment from day one, representing 90% ACV. Leverage robust product data to efficiently innovate against coverage gaps and enhance product content potential.

Leverage advanced attribution and comprehensive product data to power:

Enable accurate and relevant faceted search and improve organic search models to return a fully-stocked digital shelf against millions of distinct searches.

Differentiate in-store and online by developing a full-store wellness program, highlighting better for you products and making an impact in your shoppers lives.

Evaluate a product’s similarity index and deliver the most relevant product replacements and recommendations via thousands of data points.

Understand the exact keywords that drive your products and categories. Optimize sponsored placement for keywords with high intent and conversion, leading to more ROI.

Recognize the why behind the buy. Target shopper segments based on need states and preferences like “Ketogenic Shoppers”, “High Protein Seekers”, and “Artificial Avoiders”.

Integrate attribution data into loyalty apps, enabling shoppers to understand products and craft curated shopping lists and allowing you to reward shoppers with relevant product coupons & offers.

Identify areas of growth & address need states across categories to make strategic decisions, measure impact, and iterate over time.

Leverage Flexible Data Integration to Quickly Adapt to Consumer Demand

The attributes that matter to your shoppers today, will differ in the future. Our scalable technology accounts for regulation updates and emerging trends so you can evolve your shelf alongside industry and consumer demand.

We offer granular product data you can completely integrate into your system, enabling deep customization and seamless data access across your ecosystem. Our turnkey solutions allow you to easily activate your data right away and measure performance through sales dollars or additional market measurement tools for a true end-to-end solution.

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Allergens & Intolerances:

Identify the containment level of the big 8 allergens and common intolerances like Wheat, Soy, Peanut, Dairy, Gluten, and more.

Nutrient Content:

Identify products qualifying for FDA regulated nutrient content claims like Low Fat, High Protein, Low Sodium, Sugar Free, and more.

Diet & Lifestyle:

Identify products qualifying for popular consumer diets such as Ketogenic, Paleo, Kosher, Vegan, Weight Watchers, and more.

Clean Label:

Identify products qualifying for popular clean label trends such as Organic, Non GMO, Free of Artificial Ingredients, Natural, and more.


Identify products adhering to specific sustainability practices such as Cage Free, Carbon Neutral, Biodynamic, and more.

Social Responsibility:

Identify products adhering to specific social practices such as Fair Trade, B Corporation, Charitable Causes, and more.

Trending Ingredients:

Identify products that contain ingredient(s) of interest such as Turmeric, CBD, Superfoods, and thousands more.

Ingredients of Concern:

Identify products that contain ingredient(s) of concern such as Red 40, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Caffeine, and thousands more.

Health Conditions:

Identify products that meet criteria for health conditions like Diabetic Friendly, Heart Healthy, Kidney Health, and more.

Functional Benefits:

Identify products that provide functional benefits like Support Sleep, Promote Energy, Immune System Support, and more.

Custom Attributes:

Don’t see the attribute you’d like or have your own proprietary criteria? Label Insight can develop a custom attribute just for you!

Product Information:

Full capture of identifying information, ingredients, fact panel data, warnings, category hierarchy and more.